How To Repair A Computer LCD Monitor

<--- Click For A Better View: 1. The horizontol line make an eyesore to me.
suspected some electronic ribbon stretched.

2. Start opening the screw

3. Warranty tampered sticker.

4. The Naked LCD.

5. Eww…. What an awful view.

6. Screw back all the parts.

7. Who cares about the sticker right? The Samsung LCD is almost 3 years old.

8. DAMN!!!!! The line is still there!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

You should take the responsibility!! Why you’ve peed without looking first!!!! Don’t you know how to use the toilet?? Do you know how much the freaking LCD have cost me 3 years ago?
This is the most unproductive entry I’ve ever wrote. Its raining cats and dogs all day long here in Penang. Sigh… sleepy!!

Tension betul aku ngan kucing ni. Ada ker patut kencing atas LCD monitor aku. Argh~ Tak dapat dimaafkan……………..!!!!!

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3 Replies to “How To Repair A Computer LCD Monitor”

  1. potong “anu” dia mus, make a torpedo yummy

  2. hehehe….byk2 benda dia boleh kencing, kat monitor jugak yang dia tala?…hehehehe

    takpe le…satu line tu tak mengacau sgt kot.

  3. Mr.LCD repair says: Reply

    Thanks for this funny and useful post lol !!!

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