Happy Chinese New Year

After 2 years not blogging in English, I beg an apology if my entry this time sucks from the term of grammar and spelling. Well, it has passed two years man! (since Mblog)
I take this opportunity to wish to all my Chinese friends a happy and prosperous new year, especially to these persons:
1. Thong Lin Da (Ameera Linda Thong Abdullah) – hey, try to find Mee Bandung or Air Bandung when you and husband arrive at Bandung, hahahahha. Happy honeymoon.
2. Mr Yap, Nokia @ Carrefour Seberang Jaya – Hey man, happy selling. Bila mau naik pangkat?
3. Sam @ Mblog – I’ve got your Raya message man, dont forget to save my Celcom number. You now is a Captain!!!!! Whoa!!! When you getting married, there’s a bunch of soldiers will raise their sword above you and your wife man, thats pretty cool huh?
4. Boy & Michael @ Activextreme Penang – hey guys, wait for me to start overclocking again. Phenom II looks promising.
Well, these persons below are quite special, they are my best buddies in SRK St. Mark Butterworth. I haven’t seen them about 13 years now. I hope we can meet again soon (well, I missed the reunion dinner guys because Im working that time, sorry!)
I hope I dont misspelled your surnames.
1. Lim Wu Kheng – Is your face still look like Jackie Chan?
2. Lim Seng Liang – You have make me addict to Dragon Ball comics
3. Ang Chiew Chuan – I heard you open a Kopitiam in Bagan Jermal?
4. Earnest Yeang Kong Meng – Where have you been?
5. Marvin Tham Ma Win – Do you still gila-gila?
6. Khoo Shou Wern – Still study meh?
7. Surannit Sureen Chit – I know you’re Siamese, but why I still wishing you a Happy Chinese New year…………….. And WHY you still wish me back? Hahahhahahahaa

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