CPU Watercooling Parts for Sale!!!

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CPU Watercooling Parts

Package includes:
● Swiftech Storm G4 (Rev.2) – quick specs click here!
● Cool-Trek DP1201
● Brass 1/2″ T-connector
● Brass 1/2″ Fillport set
Free Working-But-Leaking Nirox P2800 Pump (repair-it-urself)

For who don’t know yet, Swiftech and Cool Trek has produced blablablah cooling product (straight forwarded, google it urself)
The waterblock is suitable for:

* socket 478 (Intel® Pentium® 4),
* socket 775 (Pentium® 4 “Prescott”),
* socket 603/604 (Intel® Xeon™ – 400 & 533 Mhz FSB),
* socket 462 (AMD® Athlon®, Duron®, MP, XP),
* socket 754, 939, 940 (AMD® 64 bit processors).

RM350.00 FIRM
Postage ADD RM28.00
no nagging for “best price” etc. That item is new.


Dealing method:
COD = Price as advertised
POSTAGE = Price as advertised + ADD RM28.00

Butterworth, Penang

Contact method/details:
Please send me a PM and I will give out banking instructions

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