Check Your Notebook’s Battery

Warning: Grammar Mistakes May Happen.

Dell has equipped their equipment with a very good and reliable software. You can find it in your programs folder, and usually it will start on Windows boot up. The software called Dell Quickset.
1st time using it, I felt it just a bunch of add-on software that will only slow down my notebook performance, but I was totally wrong. I has saved my day. One of the function is it monitors your battery power and consumption.

What has happened to me last week, it keep buzzing me that my battery is out of it’s true performance and reaching it’s end of usable life, and gave me this warning:

Its quite irritating because I depend a lot to my notebook for my working purposes. So, I’ve emailed DELL Support Service and mentioned the problem that I’ve encountered. Thank god the battery is still under warranty. After a new replacement, the battery works fine.

The other way to check your battery health with Dell Notebook is simple. You can just check it directly at the battery indicator. After a full 100% charge, if the indicator shows full bar, it is okay then. But, if it not showing a full bar, you can think out to have a battery replacement.

Notebook is important in my daily job routine. Without it, I cant access to any Fiber Optics System that need to be troubleshoot if I have to. So, battery conditions is very important so I can do my work in mobile conditions.


Atau dengan kata sebenarnya, dengan notebook nilah aku dok update blog aku, tenet, chatting, hantar email, edit gambar.. Hahhahaha semuanya dalam satu. Kerja dan Auta.

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  1. battery kong ok lg beb, wa ngan laptop² kongkang telabik dah ni..wait n see for my new lappy..hopefully Dell XPS..kah kah kah

  2. XPS tu bermaksud Extreme Performance System dan biasanya dikaitkan dengan …. experience.

    Ye ye, aku doakan hang dapat notebook tu.. Senang sikit nanti nak troubleshoot sistem-sistem aku yang kerap down tu. Dapatlah aku belajar dengan tenang, aman dan damai nanti bulan 6. Muekekekekkeke.

    Go Dell XPS for Mazlan Idres!!!!

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