A Gift By @luthfimy; T-Shirt From @HardRockMunich

Munich and Dubai Fridge magnetThis is the gift that I’ve got from Luth from his Germany’s work trip. The fridge magnets! The special things about the Munich (Munchen, prounounced myncen) fridge magnet was the picture used was credited to the original image from the web. Yes, at least they cited the original source for the image, while as you noticed, some pictures in this blog was taken without credit, even being used to promote their business in Mudah.my! Yes, I can track my photos, even you have deleted my watermarks, don’t worry. Just give me a credit, as simple as that.


 The funny thing about the Dubai fridge magnet is, it was made in China and obviously tourist bought it at Dubai. This moment made me remembers the annoyed Cosmonout in Armageddon that said “Components. American components, Russian Components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!”, hahahahha (Yes I know, not part PRC but of ROC, but it just a comparison).  Luth bought this when his flight transited at Dubai. Thanks Luth!


Hard Rock Munich Textured Tee

This was the deal. I have asked Luth to bought me some shirt at Hard Rock Munich and he bought me this. Well, actually @HardRockMunich has showed me some of their collections earlier and I have made my mind; thanks HRC Munich for your tweet hospitality. I choose the HRC Textured Tee. Why it was named “textured”? Well if you see the picture above carefully, you will see the words “Hard Rock” actually embossed with a thick dye. You can “feel” the writings, and no doubt it’s a textured tee. This is the 1st HRC tee that I have that was made in the United Arab Emirates, cool.


Schecter 7 String Hard Rock Cafe

The main attraction that made me choose this design was the guitar. I bet it’s a 7 strings guitar (errr…. obviously) and made by Schecter. But I in doubt whether it’s Schecter Blackjack ATX C-7, Blackjack SLS C-7, C-7 Custom, Damien Elite 7, Demon 7, Omen Active-7 or Hellraiser? Do you have the answer?

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3 Replies to “A Gift By @luthfimy; T-Shirt From @HardRockMunich”

  1. welcome! hope you happy!
    Mohd Luthfi recently posted..Seminggu di Hotel Sonnenhof, Melsungen, Germany!

  2. the tshirt feels very comfy. Aku ada florence nye kot.
    Imej usage ko cakap tu, aku tengok orang kat kanada jual barang iron maiden pakai foto blog aku. Lawak betul, pasal masih ada watermark aku kat tepi foto ebay tu

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