Kugiran D’Tepi Pantai – Hard Soul (2015)

The hardest thing to do is listening a surf music in full album. But that is then, now I think it can suits my ear. 

If not mistaken, The Pilgrims Motion Picture Soundtrack was released in 1998 with Misirlou cover and then followed by @kombaticon solo project with Kalabu Malami (I hate that back then LOL). I think their age is around 30’s at that time and I was below 20.

Now I’ve hit 34 this year and suddenly I can listen to this. This is a mindfuck situation. 

Spinning Kugiran D’Tepi Pantai 300 Limited Edition (on Digipak) with their super weird track name especially track No 20 named as “Kenapa Kau Marah Aku Kerana Tidak Membawa Kau Pergi Menonton Wayang Walhal Di Rumah Kau Ada Video” ?????

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